The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Foucault Circle: Special Roundtable Discussion on the state of Foucault scholarship 40 Years after his death and 24 years after the founding of the Foucault Circle

The Foucault Circle will gather several of our founding and longstanding members at our 2024 Annual Meeting to lead a roundtable discussion focused on the current state of Foucault scholarship, the path that led us here, and where we might go.  Many of our members have helped define that scholarship and debates among our members around differing interpretations of Foucault’s legacy have long defined our meetings.  We see this as an opportunity not only to look back on 24 years of the Foucault Circle, and 40 years of scholarship since Foucault’s death, but to look forward and imagine directions future scholarship might go given current deployments of governmentality, regimes of truth, and practices of subjectivity.

  • Host City, Country

    Boston, MA, USA

  • Dates

    May 23-26, 2024

  • Organizing university or institution

    The Foucault Circle in coordination with Emerson College

  • Place where the event will be held

    Emerson College

  • Name(s) of organizer(s)

    Edward McGushin, Coordinator of the Foucault Circle
    Sam Binkley, local host at Emerson College
    Patrick Gamez, Chair of the Program Committee