Workshop: “Like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea”. Vicissitudes of posthumanism forty years after Foucault’s death.

The event will consist of a first half-day conference (two, maximum three keynote speakers) and a second full day workshop with speakers and respondents. It will involve researchers who engage critically with the theme of the post-human in their current projects. We would like to welcome scholars working on human-animal and human-machine relations and intersections between the humanities, visual and media arts, medicine and technoscience. The discussion will focus on the reception of Foucault’s texts (particularly related to the archaeological project) by contemporary authors who serve, case by case, as a reference (methodological or theoretical) in the individual projects.

  • Host City, Country

    Brno, Czech Republic

  • Dates

    30 and 31 May, 2024

  • Organizing university or institution

    EMOROB project, Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies

  • Place where the event will be held

    Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies

  • Name(s) of organizer(s)

    Eva Šlesingerová, Marián Koval, Ilaria Fornacciari, Eva Theunissen