Foucault: Genealogies for the Future

This in-person conference hosted at Rice University will convene a group of international scholars to reconsider the vital influence of Michel Foucault in academic and cultural domains over the last forty years since his death in 1984. This is an opportunity to critically engage Foucault’s work and concepts to meet the exigencies of our own present. The lectures will be open to the public and live-streamed for a global audience, with recordings accessible on our conference website. This continues the model of the virtual series hosted at Rice in 2021, and convenes many of these contributors and other key specialists (unconfirmed invitees currently include: Sandra Boehringer, Philippe Chevallier, James Faubion, Frédéric Gros, Bernard Harcourt, Saidiya Hartman, Lynne Huffer, Orazio Irrera, Laurie Laufer, Daniele Lorenzini, Achille Mbembe, Judith Revel, Philippe Sabot, Arianna Sforzini, Martina Tazzioli, Federico Testa, and Daniel Wyche).

  • Host City, Country

    Houston, USA

  • Dates

    April 18–20, 2024

  • Organizing university or institution

    Rice University

  • Place where the event will be held

    Rice University, Houston – Texas.

  • Name(s) of organizer(s)

    Niki Kasumi Clements

  • Web address
  • Link to streaming
  • Program

    Coming soon