Reading Discipline and Punish

We are organizing a reading group and a public discussion on Foucault’s work Discipline and Punish. The primary focus of the reading group will be on Foucault’s account of theory and praxis. On one hand, we will analyze to which extent the specific type of historical and genealogical inquiry Foucault offers in his work on the modern prison is interrelated with oppressed knowledges and tries to envisage transformations of disciplinary forms of subjectivation. On the other hand, we will contextualize Foucault’s work on the prison system and take a closer look on practical forms of indocility which might have given the first impetus for Foucault’s study. Furthermore, a public discussion on this topic will be held on May 24th in Paris. In dialogue with invited scholars, we want to explore the specific relation of praxis and theory in Foucault’s genealogies and reconsider the dis/continuities between the historical socioeconomic and political conditions shaping the emergence of his work and our present situation. Both shall help us to identify what relevance Foucault’s thinking still has for today’s practices of resistance.