Foucault: Art, Histories, and Visuality in the 21st Century

Michel Foucault’s work deeply affected scholars of art and visuality during his lifetime and continues to shape current discussions 40 years after his death. The proposed symposium examines the philosopher’s lasting impact on various domains of research pertaining to the visual arts and material culture, including art history, archaeology, museology, visual anthropology, philosophy of art, aesthetics, film and media studies, visual culture, art education, and research-creation. Contributions from a range of international scholars and artists will historicize the ways Foucault’s work has been incorporated into these fields of study, while challenging the established patterns of reception from a critical perspective informed by urgent issues relating to global inequity, post-truth, artificial intelligence, gender identities, environmental crisis, and decolonization.

  • Host City, Country

    Toronto, Canada

  • Dates

    May 29-30, 2024

  • Place where the event will be held

    OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) University

  • Name(s) of organizer(s)

    Anton Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) University

    Catherine M. Soussloff, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia & University of California, Santa Cruz